Introducing the world's only wearable vision board.

Let your Charmed Visions bracelet help you turn your dreams into reality!
Your goals shouldn't be left on the back burner, hidden away where they're easily forgotten. Don't let a lack of clear direction leave you mentally stressed and buried in busywork. Your vision board bracelet will help bring your goals into focus and serve as a reminder every time you look at it throughout the day.



"I love having visual reminders of my dreams and goals right there on my wrist. But the biggest plus of all is, it’s so lightweight it’s easy to forget I’m wearing it until I pause to focus on my vision tiles throughout the day."

Stone S.

"My charmed bracelet is something I put on every day! It’s so nice to see your goals, & favorite memories every day on your wrist! It’s also a great conversation piece. Since my goals are changing & growing every year I plan to get a new bracelet every year. It’s like carrying your vision board with you wherever you go ❤️❤️❤️"

Tatiana M.

"As a grandmother of five beautiful grandkids, my family is my vision. When I can’t be near them, I love to look down at my wrist at all of their smiling faces. My Charmed Vision bracelets are a constant wearable reminder of what matters most to me - my faith and my family. Will definitely need more as they grow older and new photos roll in! 5 stars ++"

Charisse S.

"It’s always hard to find the perfect gift for people who have it all. Well not anymore. I purchased these for my best friend and for my nieces and nephew. They all loved them and appreciated being able to see their dreams printed on their wrists all the time! You have a repeat customer in me!
5 stars ⭐️ if I could give 10 I would! Great quality!"

Janelle A.

How It Works

Choose Your Images

There are several options to select your images. Choose 8 photos from your phone’s photo gallery or search the internet for inspiration. Upload the images in the order you want them to appear on your bracelet.

Customize Your Bracelet

Whether you're making a personal photo bracelet of your wedding or a vision board to manifest a new life, you can select the color bracelet that sparks joy and inspiration all day long.

Receive it

We print your beautiful photo or vision board bracelet on the highest-quality material and ship it right to your door. Now you can wear what and who inspires you all day long. Our goal is for you to wear what makes you happy!  

Original Custom Bracelets For Any Occasion

It’s not how many memories you have, but how they take your breath away that matters. Our bracelets are guaranteed to make you smile. They are the best way to get those photos out of your phone and onto your wrist.

Meet the Founder
Tashia Stafford

I started Charmed Visions in 2020. My mission is for everyone to have a vision for their life and wear what makes them happy. I am borderline-obsessed with vision boards, so much so that my entire house is one big vision board. I love hosting vision board parties and realized one day that there was often a disconnect between the process of creating the vision boards and the realization of the goals they depict. Conventional vision boards are a highly effective motivational tool, but are not practical to keep within line of sight all day long. To solve this problem, I launched Charmed Visions with the core mission of helping others to maintain focus on their goals via a visual representation. I created a product that will allow you to generate a digital vision board within minutes (versus hours for a conventional vision board). You can effectively carry your vision board with you at all times, which provides a constant reminder to focus on whatever you intend to manifest into reality. Charmed Visions’ directive is to help raise the vibration of our planet one vision at a time.