Meet The Founder,
Tashia Stafford

I started Charmed Visions in 2020. My mission is for everyone to have a vision for their life and wear what makes them happy. I am borderline-obsessed with vision boards, so much so that my entire house is one big vision board. I love hosting vision board parties and realized one day that there was often a disconnect between the process of creating the vision boards and the realization of the goals they depict. Conventional vision boards are a highly effective motivational tool, but are not practical to keep within line of sight all day long. Therefore to solve this problem, I launched Charmed Visions with the core mission of helping others to maintain focus on their goals via a visual representation. I created a product that will allow people to generate a digital vision board within minutes (versus hours for a conventional vision board). People can effectively carry their vision board with them at all times, which provides a constant reminder to focus on whatever they intend to manifest into reality. Charmed Visions’ directive is to help raise the vibration of our planet one vision at a time.